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Summer Camp is on it's way! Make sure you have a spot on the bus & a bunk to crash on by submitting your $100 camp deposit early. Camp is a time for making new friends, building stronger relationships with existing friends, and for pressing into God to the point His small quiet voice feels like a roar! For more information about camp contact Pastor David Tran. 

212 Student Ministry

212Houston is a middle school and high school student ministry that is Christ centered. We believe God is calling all students to live at the boiling point of their faith and to be a positive impact to their friends, family, and community.  Students are at a very impressionable age where they will begin to develop their world view and moral code.  It’s with this in mind that we have developed a strategic student ministry to build a solid Christian foundation to prepare them to take on the challenges and opportunities ahead of them.

We meet every week in services to pursue the presence of God through dynamic worship, to create a community of like-minded peers through small groups, and to be challenged with relevant and deep teaching through preaching and discipleship. 

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