We’ve designed our Next Steps as opportunities to propel you into spiritual and personal growth. 

We believe #growth happens when you engage the vision of the church, know how to hear and respond to the voice of God in your life, and as you become rooted in relationship with God and others.  With multiple services and opportunities to get involved in each week, we want to help direct your focus to where we believe you can best position yourself for growth:

Life at Faith 

We love God, we love people, and we love LIFE, together. Life is filled with many #greatestmoments and we believe there is significance to knowing the people we are sharing the path with on this journey called life. Life at Faith is a reception our pastors, deacons and elders hold where you are the guest of honor. 

You may have been attending Faith for a while and have some questions for us, or you may simply want to meet more of us—we look forward to getting to know you better. If this is your first week with us, attending Life at Faith will provide you with the quickest way to start your journey with us—and to know you are in the right place.  

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The ROOTED Experience 

ROOTED provides the opportunity to connect with God, the church community and your purpose in unexpected life-changing ways. Think of ROOTED as a personal journey—a journey with the goal of deepening your connection with God, His Church, and your purpose in the big, epic story He is writing through human history. ROOTED is a catalyst for #growth! ROOTED provokes questions and conversations and offers beyond-what-is-comfortable group experiences designed to give you a glimpse of your story in God’s story. 

ROOTED is a 10-week series, offered several times per year. 

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All In

Our greatest of all life’s moments occurs when we give our heart to the Lord. We build upon this #greatestmoment by going All In with our faith decisions through water baptism. Through our All In Water Baptism Orientations you can come learn how the Bible teaches us that Water Baptism is the next spiritual step on your journey, following salvation. Our pastors will also provide practical information to prepare for your All In moment. 

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Life happens everyday all over the place. Our community often believes that church only happens in one place once or twice week—but growing in relationship with God and others can take place far beyond the physical walls of a church building all throughout the week. 

Through LifeGroups you can join with a small group of people who are on the same journey in their pursuit of God. We offer Faith Groups which center on building up your faith and understanding of scripture, Fellowship Groups which are a relaxing time of coming together to build relationships, and Fun Groups which have an activity at their core. What all of our Groups have in common is the ability to connect with others and deepen your walk with God and a family of people who have your best interest at heart. 

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My Faith Account 

Login and create your My Faith account. Through MyFaith you can register for LifeGroups, see the groups and events you are registered in, update your contact information, and have access to online giving.  

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