Launch Teams

Launch Teams are the best way to get plugged in and be a part of the Faith Forward Campaign. This renovation will be a huge undertaking for our church and we will need all the help we can get. So we've come up with Launch Teams for you to join to help with the process. Below is a list of Launch Teams and what they will be doing to help and a form below to sign-up.

Prayer Team

Lead: LeeAnn Mongonia
Co-Lead: Pastor Jonnie Darneal

From prayer gatherings to prayer walks, this team prepares the way through focused, fervent, faith-filled prayer. Looking for a way to participate but have physical limitations? None of us are limited in how often and how fervently we can pray!

Outreach Team

Lead: Pastor David Tran

This team engages community through monthly outreach events, our annual Faith Fireworks celebration, and by serving compassion needs in our city.

Outreach keeps our heart and focus on why we exist as a church—to reach those in need of a God who brings eternal life-change.

Storytelling Team

Lead: Pastor Brian Garcia

This media-driven team captures our story—through still photography, editorial narrative, film and social media—as we bring to life this new era of Faith.

It includes celebrating our first 55 years, capturing our reLaunch experiences, and sharing our heart with our community.

Capital Campaign Team

Lead: Pastor Jennifer Murray

The funds to build a newly renovated building to reach the generations comes from the heart of generosity that God brings to life in each of us!

This team supports our dauntless financial initiatives, stewardship, and shared congregational participation, as we bring new life to our campus buildings.

Volunteer Team

Lead: Robert Fernandez

Our volunteer team provides the physical prowess that box-by-box moves us from our current space to the FLC and ultimately into our newly renovated Worship Center.

The heart and soul of our volunteer #DemoDays, this team also helps move furniture from building-to-building and room-to-room, and puts together new furniture....lots of new furniture and chairs!

Admin & Hospitality Teams

Lead: Pastor Brian Castro

Our admin team provides support to office-based projects, and the hospitality team transitions us from our current service approach to a new Connections team format in the new facilities.

Our office and hospitality team can use your positive, genuine and friendly contribution!

Faith Kids Team

Lead: Pastor Niki Heath

The Faith Kids Team energizes volunteers in support of faith families. Kids are loved, cared for, and learning the truth about Jesus.

We are creating a new ministry opportunity for special needs children in our renovated space. If you can bring life to this area then this is your team!

Faith Kids also supports our Outreach Team for kid-focused community activities such as our Sports Camp & Faith Fireworks Celebration.

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