As we begin this intensive giving program in our church, I want you to know that I count it a great honor to be your pastor. When I think about God's goodness to Faith over its history, I am filled with gratitude. When I think about what God wants to do in and through us in the future, I am filled with anticipation.

The Bible tells us, "One generation shall praise thy works to another." We are the soul winning, life-changing church we are today because of those who went before us. If we are to influence our generation for Jesus and pass on to our children a rich heritage and dynamic church fellowship, the success of this giving campaign is a necessity.

The local and global dream that God has given Faith is a great one. Yet, we cannot embrace that local and global dream until we have a strong home base in which to launch God’s people from. This is a necessary step for Faith if we are to move further into its destiny of reaching people locally and globally.

The campaign has a lofty title, “Faith Forward: For Future Generations.” This title challenges us to do the extraordinary; to give "over and above," sacrificially for the next 36 months. The title reminds us that we can all make a significant difference as we allow our giving to bless future generations for the Kingdom of God.

This campaign provides Faith a new Mount Everest to climb, a new faith adventure. Our faith will certainly be stretched as we step out of the boat together to reinvest in our church for the purpose of reaching thousands of lives in our city and around the world. I earnestly believe that, we the people of Faith, are ready for this next challenge. Let us each enter into this exciting effort prayerfully and enthusiastically.

Pastor Nathan

We look forward to the amazing things ahead as we come together during this exciting renovation for future generations. As you consider how you and your family can best move Faith forward, we have set aside a specific time for you to meet one-on-one with Pastor Nathan should you or your family have any questions.

If you would like to set an appointment with Pastor Nathan to discuss the Launch in more detail, click the link below to schedule appointment for a family conference.

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