Statistics reveal that most Americans don’t know their neighbors. At FAC, we want to change this. Our events are designed with you in mind. We strive to create spaces and environments where you can strengthen your understanding of how God is the central component of our lives, and how those closest to you—friends, family, neighbors, etc.—can also thrive when we come together. 

Our calendar provides you with a blend of different experiences to engage with throughout the year. Some events are a forum for deeper learning. Others are for joyous fun-filled fellowship. All are to build you up in your faith, strength, purpose and calling. 

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Thanks for joining us online for today's service. If you are tuning in for our Wednesday Experience and would like access to the sermon worksheet it can be found here. 

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Life happens everyday all over the place. Our community often believes that church only happens in one place once or twice week—but growing in relationship with God and others can take place far beyond the physical walls of a church building all throughout the week. 

Through LifeGroups you can join with a small group of people who are on the same journey in their pursuit of God. We offer Faith Groups which center on building up your faith and understanding of scripture, Fellowship Groups which are a relaxing time of coming together to build relationships, and Fun Groups which have an activity at their core. What each of our Groups share in common is the ability to connect with others and deepen your walk with God and a family of people who have your best interest at heart. 

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