How long will the search process take?
The pastoral search process typically is a several month process. Regular communication updates to the congregation will keep you apprised of the status of the search. The process will progress as quickly as possible.

Who do members contact with questions or recommendations about the pastoral search?
Please contact

What is the congregation’s role in the pastoral search process?
This is a prayerful process, and as a congregation we need to be in prayer. Please remain prayerful. Please pray for our church family, our church leadership, and for the pastor God is calling to FAC for this new season. 

Who makes the final decision on who is hired as Lead Pastor?
The voting membership of the congregation will have the final choice in a specially called and duly notified meeting.

What are the requirements to be allowed to vote in this special election?
Voting members of the congregation are members in good standing as designated by our church by-laws and constitution.

Who is reviewing resumes?
The resumes are being reviewed by the Pastoral Search Directional Leadership Team (DLT).

Who decided who was on the Pastoral Search DLT?
The members were chosen by the Elder Board from the qualified members in good standing.

How can I recommend a potential Lead Pastor candidate?
The best way for you to give your recommendation would be to encourage the minister to submit their resume.

How are the qualifications determined for the Lead Pastor?
The qualifications are stated in the church constitution and by-laws.

As a member, how can I best participate in this process?
The best way to participate in this process is to bathe the Elder Board, the Pastoral Search DLT and the individual God is preparing as the new pastor in lots of prayer. This is a prayer and Spirit-led process, and our unified prayers are pivotal to the process.

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