Frequently Asked Questions

What would be the timeline on this project?

An estimated timeline would be as follows:

  • Design and engineering drawings would begin at the end of September (4 months)
  • Drawings Submitted for County Permitting (2 months)
  • Renovation would begin April 2019 (5-6 months)
  • Completion September/October 2019

Does the Church Membership affirm this project with a vote?

While the Elder Board is in unanimous support of this proposal, a 2/3 majority of gathered membership is needed to move forward. We'll be gathering for Church Business Meeting on Sunday, Sept. 23 following service to affirm this work. We invite you to come!

What other areas are impacted by this project?

This project would also bring a much needed refresh to our Preschool area upstairs (paint, carpet, and room furniture and resources).

Are the pictures provided what it will look like in the end?

In some ways. The initial scope and sequence phase gave us an opportunity to talk with the architect about what we're looking for. What you're seeing is not a final design or final colors, but a rendering of potential ideas. After church approval of the project we'd then be moving in to a more formal design process where those concepts would be finalized.

Do we lose seating capacity by the reorientation of the room?

No. By rotating the room and moving to chairs we not only modernize the room, we also gain seating capacity.

How much does this project cost?

The overall estimated project cost is $2.8 million dollars.

How would Faith be paying for this?

We as a church family would be coming together to pray and raise capital funds. A church wide capital raising initiative would take place in Feb. 2019 to ask families to consider what they might give toward this project over and above their tithe for a 3 year period. We believe God can do the miraculous. In the event that not all funds are raised, the balance would be carried by Faith partnering with AG Financial (our fellowship's finance branch) so that any and all interest paid would be sown back in to church plants and ministries like our own.

Does Faith hold any other debt?

No, Faith Assembly is currently debt free.

Couldn't we just pay for it as we go as funds come in?

In an effort to not start a project that we cannot finish, access to the whole of funds needed is required.

Would we need to relocate during the renovation?

Yes. Sunday's Adult Worship Service would move to the Life Center across the parking lot and take place in the gym. The second floor of the worship building would still be available for our KidsTown Ministries.

Would the Life Center be renovated as well?

Bathrooms in the Life Center would be refreshed, but the majority of all work would be confined to the Worship Building.

I want to give now. How can I do that?

You can give online here and give under "Love for the house (Building Fund). Also check can be written directly to the Church with the renovation noted.

I own or work in a building trade, and I'd like to partner with the church in some way for this. How can I do that?

We're grateful for that kind of heart! Please let our leadership team know of that desire and we can discuss potential opportunities.

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