May 3, 2017

Faith Family,

Your prayers for our Staff, Search Team, Deacons and Elders have been very much appreciated.  Without your support, our jobs would be much more difficult.  We want you to know the Search Team is moving along very well.  We cannot give you dates yet, but we’re very optimistic about the future and filling this very important role.
We’ve also been busy preparing for our Annual Business Meeting.  We’ll have some great reports of what God has done in 2016.  Please attend and celebrate with us.  There will be open positions on the Elder Board that will need to be filled.  Several of our Elder Team members will be rotating off, and we’ll have new members joining us.I’d like to challenge you to be an encouragement to your friends and leaders in this time of transition.  There are special challenges for each of us and many times we put on a new hat or even several new hats in order to keep moving forward.  The heart and sincerity of our leadership across the church body are overwhelming.Continue your prayerful support for our present leaders and the new leaders that will be joining us.  

On behalf of the Elder Board,

Ray Taylor
Board Chair

January 27, 2017

Hello Faith Family,

I’m coming to you on behalf of the elder board. I know some of you are wondering how the elder board plans to manage this pastoral leadership transition as we search for the new lead pastor of Faith Assembly Church.

Following the guidelines of our Faith Assembly Church Constitution and Bylaws, and in reaching out to our South Texas Assemblies of God District for leadership support and direction, we would like to communicate with you how this process will unfold for our church family. As members, each of us carries a distinctive and valuable role throughout the course of this process.  

At present, the open church position is now filed with our district, and the elder board has formed a Pastoral Search DLT (directional leadership team). The DLT is reviewing the resumes we are receiving and searching for qualified candidates to be considered for further vetting and interviewing by the elder board.

Representing a “balanced cross-section” of our church membership, this Pastoral Search DLT includes two representatives from each of the following: elders, pastors, deacons and lay members.  Each of these DLT members has qualities of long tenure and strong leadership.

          Members of the Pastoral Search DLT are:  

          Elders – Evelyn Murray & Jason Bourgeois

          Pastors – Jonnie Darneal & Jennifer Murray

          Deacons – Jim Millspaugh & Robert Fernandez

          Members – Lynda Wright & Paul Granderson

This team will review all applicants and present a qualified candidate group to the elder board for consideration. The elder board will evaluate the candidates by conducting further vetting and interviews, and our district leadership will provide support to us in this process. After prayer and fasting, the elder board will recommend a candidate to the membership for consideration. The full vetting process includes time in the pulpit and further interaction with the pastoral staff and leadership of the church.

In accordance with our bylaws, a duly-called meeting will be announced to the church membership for a membership vote to accept or decline the candidate as Lead Pastor. If the membership does not elect this candidate, then another candidate will be presented at a different date and time.

In the interim, as directed by our constitution and bylaws, and as strongly agreed upon by our district leadership, we plan to select an interim pastor until the lead pastor position is filled. Our district has already recommended several tenured ministers that have proven themselves in assisting church transitions. The interim pastor will generally fill the pulpit on Sundays, and being a tenured minister, will be able to assist the church staff if requested. The staff will continue to function in their normal roles and the elder board would ask that you show your appreciation to them often and keep them continually in your prayers.

While the responsibility to govern the process falls upon the elder board, a unified role we share as a church body is to be prayerful and Spirit-led throughout the process. The elder board would ask for your prayerful support for the Pastoral Search DLT, the Elder Board and for our membership family. We are seeking wisdom and guidance from His Spirit to direct our search to the lead pastor He is already preparing for us.

If you have questions or comments regarding the search, Evelyn Murray is the elder leading the Pastoral Search DLT, and you can reach her at You can expect a quick response.


Ray Taylor,
Elder Board Chair

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